The Lunch Guru

Who's The Lunch Guru?

My name is Marc Coleman and I'm an Entrepreneur..in this case a Foodpreneur! In 2015 I started delivering food part time to supplement a real estate services boutique my wife and I are building. I chose food delivery because it was a great way to learn about new foodie spots and communities while meeting residents and business owners! 

The Lunch Guru

How It Started

Along the way I noticed startups developing creative work spaces for their employees and giving them all the amenities they need to live a balanced life at work. From workout facilities to video games the one thing i found that created the most engagement on a consistent basis, was FOOD! The problem was that none of the restaurants were offering catering services to small businesses owners!

The Lunch Guru Corporate Catering

I Love What I Do

Thats when The Lunch Guru was created. After door knocking small businesses for a year offering my own catering delivery services, I found my first client! From there I simply connected with restaurants that didnt offer catering delivery. After another year of experiences I leveled up and now  specialize in preparing fresh, healthy catered lunches and delivering them to your office! I also offer breakfast and special event catering services. I love what I do and I'm excited everyday to see what happens next!